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Our unique advertising service allows Tattnall County organizations to post one photo and up to 400 words directly to each of their full-page ads on the website. It also allows unlimited updates including complete changes to each of your full-page ads. This is a powerful feature! For example, each full-page ad with weekly updates is transformed into 52 new ads for the year!
Advantages that business Active Supporters of Your Tattnall County Community Website enjoy:
· Update your full page ads directly on the website. You control when and how often to update.
· See the number of times that each of your full page ads are viewed.
· Add additional information to your listing in the directory such as telephone numbers, fax numbers, cellphone numbers, email addresses, slogans, or contact names, etc.
· Your business's existing website is linked from the directory and from each of your business's full-page ads.
· Your business is listed in the Search feature. You submit up to five search words or phrases that identifies your business. Visitors to the website look for your products or services using these words or phrases.
· The three most recently updated business ads are displayed at an eye-catching level of the Community page. (Temporary alerts from Tattnall law enforcement will be displayed first.)
· The ten most recently updated business ads are displayed on the Business Highlights page.
· Randomly selected business ads are displayed as a visitor accesses different pages of the website.
· Your information that you post is on the Web virtually 24 hours per day, 365 days per year for world-wide access.
· Consolidated advertising. Your Tattnall County Community Website will begin advertising in the local newspaper and through other traditional methods.
Become an Active Supporter
· To list a Tattnall County organization and become an Active Supporter, the person responsible for making such a decision for the organization should fill-in and submit the form in the 'List Your Organization' link at the top of the website.
· A full-page ad is where an organization can post a digital photograph (JPEG) and up to 400 words on the website. The photograph that is uploaded can be a maximum file size of 2M and will be displayed at 600 pixels x 450 pixels.
· A business can request 1, 5, 10, or 20 full-page ads (please see the Prices link).
· Non-profit organizations can request 1 or 5 full-page ads at no charge.
· After the request is verified by Your Tattnall County Community Website, an email containing the information that is used to post to the organization's full-page ad(s) will be sent to the email address that was submitted. The verification process can take up to 5 business days.
· The organization can start posting to its ad(s) immediately after receiving the email. The posts go directly to the website and can be made at any time. There are no extra charges for updating, so keep the community informed by making as many updates as needed.